How to Fail ICO pt.5 Marketing that must not be named

During the recent ICO boom, a huge number of agencies, advertising consultants and other wide-profile specialists have appeared on the market. They are ready to offer any marketing activities:...


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HOW TO FAIL ICO PT.4 [In]efficiency of ICO Advisory

  Practically any ICO you might look upon has at least a couple of advisors included in the list of team members. Advisors are aimed to affirm the integrity of the project and add more value to...


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How to Fail ICO pt.3

Part 3. Meddling with legality *previous part you can read here* Since we wanted to run our business properly, the first thing we had to deal with was the legal system. We started looking for a...


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How to Fail ICO pt.2

Part 2. How we have been preparing for the ICO. *previous part you can read here* Gathering our thoughts, we started preparing for the ICO and the first step, of course, was to sum up the...


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Alphateca ICO legacy   Part I  Roots. The First Mistake. We failed our ICO. It could be the end of the story, but in this case scenario you would never know how it all began, turned out...


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One more coastal coworking space

When the first ICO of the young and prospective project is in full swing, it's catch-as-catch-can. Earlier Ilya revealed lures for investors in his Amsterdam Expo memories, and our team decided to...


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How to attract investors with cookies

Amsterdam trip Introduction A bit of our team made a wonderful journey to the magical country of the Netherlands to participate in the world Blockchain Expo. Later  I received a lot of questions...


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How the logo and visual identity were created

We continue getting  acquainted with the Alphateca team and today we present our font manager and calligraphy artist  Vladimir Anosov, who not only created a unique corporate style of the...


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Alphateca — how it all began

The technical launch of the Alphateca project - an international crypto marketplace, where users from all over the world can place goods and services for cryptocurrency took place on June, 1....


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Alphy the Bull - a New Cryptohero

Alphateca launch took place recently, but Alphy has already taken hearts of thousands of people. The cheerful bull does not skimp in expressions and expresses the whole range of emotions: tenderness,...


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