ETH founder Vitalik Buterin says there is too much focus on the crypto now

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin believes that cryptocurrency adaptation  does not require new trading tools, but the widespread use of it for daily purchases. On his Twitter account...


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Venezuela will anchor the national currency to the cryptocurrency



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The world’s first blockchain-based airline digital wallet has been launched

Singapore airlines has officially announced the launch of the KrisPay - digital blockchain wallet, which allows to transfer KrisFlyer miles into KrisPay miles to partially or fully pay for them at 18...


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How to Create Cryptowallet

What is a cryptowallet? The procedure of token keeping is very similar to the keeping of fiat currency. The only difference is that you in that case you keep notes in a material wallet, and bitcoins...


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Mark Lasry predicts Bitcoin can hit $40,000

Billionaire Mark Lasry, CEO of Avenue Capital Group, invests in Bitcoin and expects exchange rate growth of Bitcoin to $40k. During a conversation on CNBC, the head of the company, specializing in...


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Crypto beats banks?

A former employee of JP Morgan Salvador Castro is sure that the banks were defeated by cryptocurrency and FINTECH companies. This former banker wrote it in his blog on Thursday. He noted that, in...


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3 reasons why the first cryptocurrency keeps growing

  BlackRock Today an average rate of Bitcoin again exceeded $6700. The growth of the Bitcoin price is happening due to a number of background news that major players are increasingly interested...


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Monday Quiz

The Quiz starts! Compare two pictures of Alphy the Bull and spot the differences: You should start posting your answers after 3 p.m. UTC in this...


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How to withdraw crypto to fiat?

A lot of beginners ask this question when they want to sell their assets and get euros /rubles/ dollars or another crypto. The process is simple, but there are many ways to do it. Let us have a look...


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How to make an e-store profitable

  Why  some online shops have buyers coming back on and on, and others close almost immediately having even lower prices and favorable conditions? What attracts or disaffects...


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