Volkswagen blockchain to link vehicles on the roads


Today German Volkswagen AG has filed a patent application that allows vehicles to communicate with each other via blockchain technology.

The significance of the  Invention

The system will warn drivers about the risk of collision and inform about the nearby vehicles.

Cars will join the network with the help of blockchain technology. Participants of the traffic will be able not only to learn about the upcoming danger but also to coordinate their manipulation, for example, overtaking or acceleration.

 "Most of the known systems now warn the driver of an inevitable event such as a collision,"-  written in the patent. The document also describes the possibility of concluding agreements via blockchain technology. "Joint manipulations can be performed in several ways. An effective way is to sign a contract between cars. All of the manipulations will be made in terms of the agreement. In case plans change, this change also has to be coordinated", - noted developers of Volkswagen.

Before that IOTA and Porsche announced the joint development work in intelligent car systems. Volkswagen is also working with IOTA on blockchain applications in the automotive sector. In March, Ford Motors received a patent for a technology that connects cars on the roads with each other via cryptocurrencies and controls traffic.