Alphy the Bull - a New Cryptohero

Alphateca launch took place recently, but Alphy has already taken hearts of thousands of people.

The cheerful bull does not skimp in expressions and expresses the whole range of emotions: tenderness, joy, sympathy and anger.

As expected, it all starts with an idea. With a well-thought-out and well-developed idea, which will later become a real product of marketing, passing through all the stages of the brand. Today, our designer and the mother of bulls, Katerina Nevskaya will share the history of creation.


Katerina, how was the idea of creation born? What was the main inspiration?

 -We wanted to build a bridge between Alphateca users and the project itself. The search for the image was based on the identification of certain qualities that embody the values of our company: stability, strength, reliability, self-confidence and even perseverance. I was asked to create a character that people will like.

Working out various options, it was taken into account that the bull is one of the symbols of trade around the world.

Having gathered all these qualities together, our Alphy appeared. Kind, cute and at the same time cool, strong, stubborn and ready to fight for their interests- that's what our Alphy like.


It is well known that concept, as well as the history of the brand, is not born overnight. How long have you been developing the visual concept of the bull Alphy? How many disagreements had you overcome before the final version was introduced?

- In fact, the final layout was approved in a short time.The created image of the character met all the requirements and the audience immediately liked the bull. Bright and memorable Alphy is ready to try on various roles that reflect and emphasize the company's ideas. Concerning graphics, possible further modifications of the image, the color palette of the corporate style were taken into account. It was also necessary to place the logo on the character so that it looked harmoniously and did not overlap the image of Alphy. Therefore, the most attentive user will notice a laconic letter "A" of the logo on a suitcase, wallet, cape or a patch on a sleeve.


How many visualizations of Alphy have been released? How the bull is used in marketing?

- At the moment, more than thirty different visualizations have been released for different purposes: promotion, handouts, banners, presentations etc. Each bull has its own purposes, ie, he has a visual message that is easier perceived by an average user. Usually it depicts a  fight against bank fees, benefits of using cryptocurrency, or just an expression of some emotion. You can find Alphy in printed handouts, Telegram stickers, videos – it helps our users to love this new means of payment and quickly understand its advantages.

Alphy is a symbol of simplicity while achieving goals. A symbol of the fight against cheating of different organizations. It is a symbol of opposition between ordinary people and those who try to impose their insane commissions for personal enrichment.



What is the next Alphy’s role?

- Since our Alphy is also a direct way to popularize cryptocurrency among people, he helps to explain  the  blockchain technology while playing. So, in the next release Alphy will appear in a series of educational and  interesting games.