Alphateca — how it all began

The technical launch of the Alphateca project - an international crypto marketplace, where users from all over the world can place goods and services for cryptocurrency took place on June, 1. Currently, the project is at the ICO stage ( June 1-September 1 ).

Today we continue getting acquainted with the team, and no one will be able to tell about Alphateca more vividly and in detail than its founder Ilya Stenkov.


There are dozens of different directions in crypto sphere. Why did you choose e-commerce?

We have been working with informational platforms for a long time with my first team either in course of international trading or providing services. And it often occurred that we were waiting for several days for the payment to proceed and there was no certainty that we will not be deceived. Personally, I was seriously concerned about this fact, as it is extremely difficult to plan in advance when there is no confidence in the transactions because you have to add additional risks to the total price.

 At the end of 2017, when the cryptocurrency was at the peak of its capitalization and more and more ordinary people learned about it, I thought that cryptocurrency would perfectly fit into the format of cross-border purchases, as it does not belong to anyone and is available from anywhere in the world.

In general, almost every cryptocurrency project ideologically has a mission to solve a problem. Distributed computing had actually appeared much earlier than the first issue of cryptocurrency and has been solving performance problems, nevertheless, it became popular in connection with Bitcoin.

Still, the world is not completely ready to use cryptocurrency to solve everyday problems. Our choice is due to the problem of cross-border payments, as well as the transparency of transactions. The percentage of risk when buying goods from international sites is quite high. The problem of payments delay and high fees for transaction significantly affects the final price of the goods. Therefore, cryptocurrency is the only optimal solution in this case.


How did the idea of the creation appear and what was the main inspiration? How did you gather the team?

- I started the project by myself but as soon as it was proceeding I realized that such a volume requires developers who would have experience with high-loaded systems and blockchain. Of course, I did not expect that the recruitment process is such a hard work, as not all applicants are high- qualified specialists. I used the best-recruiting tools and platforms, but in the meantime, my goal was to get a team of idealists, those who are not indifferent to the project and will become a real crypto enthusiasts.


 There are a lot of trading platforms, including crypto ones. How Alphateca excels the most popular: Amazon, Ebay, Openbazaar?

The first two platforms neither work with crypto nor have essential services that are available on Alphateca ( Guarantor service, Hold, Private sale) and have problems with cross-boarding as well.

The last one is a "dark" market, so any illegal goods can be sold with transparency. Moreover, you need to install Client to start. You can start immediately on Alphateca from any device. All of the items placed on the platform are being moderated.


Why is blockchain technology essential for e-commerce?

- It isn't essential. It's just convenient, as it has already been mentioned above. Thus, you don't need to spend a lot of time creating a wallet. You do not spend more time on the transaction than you do with fiat. You do not have any problems with withdrawing. You do save your time and save your money.


The name Alphateca involuntarily refers to" alpha " - the first letter of the Greek alphabet. How can one continue a connotative range?

- "Alpha" certainly means "the first", as well as our mascot Alphy the Bull-a symbol of successful trading. Moreover, we chose an easy-to-remember word that could be easily recognizable.


As we know, now the ICO is in full swing, however, new services are being implemented. What innovations are expected in the nearest future?

- Firstly,  we are going to launch the  Auction service, then we have already started working on a series of webinars and video tutorials that will help to conduct direct online presentations of goods and services on our platform.