3 reasons why the first cryptocurrency keeps growing



Today an average rate of Bitcoin again exceeded $6700. The growth of the Bitcoin price is happening due to a number of background news that major players are increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies and are preparing to enter the market. BlackRock – an investment giant and one of the world's largest investment companies with the number of assets estimated in 6.3 trillion dollars — has already formed a working group to study the crypto market - reported Financial News. The team of experts will have to analyze the potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and then find out whether BlackRock should invest in Bitcoin futures. This news inspired investors — and Bitcoin went up.


Steven Cohen and Cohen Private Ventures

It is known that the company of the famous billionaire Cohen Private Ventures invested in the hedge Fund Autonomous Partners, focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain companies last week. - reported  Bloomberg. The fund, founded by an early supporter of cryptocurrencies Arianna Simpson, also received funding from Union Square Ventures, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and co-founder of Craft Ventures David Sachs.



CBOE and another bitcoin-ETF

Bitcoin growth was also affected by the news that the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) has filed an SEC application to open another over-the-counter Bitcoin investment fund (ETF), which intends to trade SolidX shares. The decision on the application will be determined on August 10: and if CBOE gets permission, analysts predict a further increase in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.