Alphateca started negotiations with Bank of America

Ilya Stenkov - the founder of Alphateca - a trading platform where you can sell and buy any goods or services with cryptocurrency - started negotiations on cooperation with the President of Bank of America Brian Moynihan.

At the end of last week it became known that the Bank of America filed a patent application for the development of a data validation system based on blockchain technology. The system records  information about previously performed financial transactions of the client bank to allow external data confirma.

Noticeable enough that according to media reports, Bank of America filed K-10  report to the U.S. SEC, in which  recognized  the cryptocurrencies threat. So, this makes one think that the Bank has some difficulties in working with cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

According to Stenkov,  Alphateca team supports any initiatives related to secure financial operations globally. " We understood that we are not only eager but also able to  help our colleagues to reach their goals   considering our successful experience. I sincerely hope that our cooperation with Bank of America will be fruitful and contributable in terms of  the world economy development," -  Stenkov said.