ETH founder Vitalik Buterin says there is too much focus on the crypto now

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin believes that cryptocurrency adaptation  does not require new trading tools, but the widespread use of it for daily purchases.

On his Twitter account  Buterin wrote that there is too much focus on the crypto now  - ETF, not the fact that people can make everyday purchases with cryptocurrency in the corner  shop. In his opinion, the first scenario is better for raising the rate, but the second one is much more effective for real adaptation.

During the subsequent communication with subscribers, he said that it is necessary to promote the virtual currency and introduce new cards and applications that simplify the payment process. He also wrote that he considers the current level of adaptation to be unbalanced due to lack of real use of cryptocurrencies and excess investment.

Virtual currencies are polymorphic because they are used as an investment and as a means of payment. Both functions are important, but for global use, real use is crucial. The Wells Fargo/Gallup poll showed that only 2% of investors now own Bitcoins, and only 1% plan to buy them in the future.

Words of Vitalik Buterin confirm the study conducted by the research firm Elementus Inc., claiming that only every third payment in Bitcoin is associated with the purchase.