Have you ever used a bitcoin ATM? Despite being not as popular as for fiat currency, there have already been installed more than 3,500 bitcoin ATMs globally.

According to the bitcoin ATM locations tracker Coinatmradar, the bitcoin sag hasn’t had much impact on crypto ATMs install around the world. Currently there are 3,503 bitcoin ATMs globally:  52.7 % support altcoins - 49% litecoin and 32.1 % ether.

The largest ATM concentration (74,23%)  is zoomed in North America, with a whopping 2,594 bitcoin ATMs installed, 21.07%  in Europe, 2.29% in Asia and, finally, South America and Africa - 0.80%  and 0.2% respectively.

Despite the slump in prices, the report shows an increasing demand for cryptocurrencies operations via ATMs. Two types of ATMs are available: one-way (62.83%) for purchasing cryptos and two-way (37.17%) for both buying and selling.

The chart shows bitcoin is still the king cryptocurrency in the world:  99.9% of ATMs support bitcoin, 52.7 % -  altcoins.