Top 10 the most bizarre search requests (Part 1)

Last time we told you about the goods and services that have not passed the Alphateca moderation. Today we are going to disclose goods and services, the demand for which outruns the supply. Well, here we go with the Top 10 deviate requests


1. Polaroid photos of celebrities' belly-buttons

What is the difference between belly-buttons of Selena Gomez  Bella Hadid? Our administrators used to have no idea, but as soon as they found this request, the question does not go out of their minds. To be honest, they have already chewed our ears off. So, if anyone has pictures of the navels, immediately place them on Alphateca. Not only users, but the moderators  are waiting anxiously.


2. Drugs for frogs

We have several versions  who entered this request on Alphateca. The most likely it was  Pepe the Frog. Our lawyers have clarified - froggy drugs are not included in the list of prohibited goods. Still, our team is on  healthy side and we don't want Pepe the Frog or other frogs to be on drugs. Look at Kermit the Frog, for example, - great success and yet no stimulant!


3. Dummies of starring  cats and dogs

We are sure that you could not help having such a loyal friend as Hachiko forever.  Just imagine: you have a friend who is always waiting for you at home, a friend who will never run away. Just because he is unable. Not because he doesn't have legs. He's just a stuffed animal. And dummies can't run. It is possible that a user who typed this request was looking for exactly  the same mate. Friendship is hard to bare.


4. The role of an illegitimate child in the reality-TV "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"

Let's admit that if not everyone but the majority would like to become rich, famous, get millions of likes on Instagram, drink smoothies with Kim Kardashian and hang out with Kylie Jenner. Making dreams come true? Alphateca user decided that the best way to do  is to become a baby of Chris Jenner. At least an illegitimate one. Unfortunately, Alphateca cannot afford ground for this caprice yet, but hope things will change soon.


5. The right to become a surrogate mother of Harry and Megan child

It is said that every girl dreams of  having a  fancy wedding with a prince in her childhood. With Prince Harry, for instance. But, dreams of our user go beyond the wedding. She wants to have a child from Harry. Alas, Harry is not single. So, the only thing left is to become a surrogate mother of Harry and Megan child. While the British Royal family has not posted such a request on Alphateca, our user needs to stay tuned. Or find another prince. The main thing is not to stop dreaming, as it can eventually happen.