7 Spheres of Blockchain


Blockchain technology has been penetrating in various spheres of our life:

1) Education

Blockchain technology is relevant in all stages of education: schools, colleagues, universities, apprenticeships, MOOCs, CPDs. It can be used as a shared resource to store and deliver certificates including distant education, affiliated organizations.
As soon as paper prone to be fraud, a decentralized database of credentials and documents is essential. Some universities, such as Princeton University on Coursera, have implemented MOOCs based on blockchain technology.

2) Banking

Using blockchain helps to transform payments at scale and reducing risks. Shifting on to cryptography allows having simultaneous access to constantly updated digital ledger that cannot be altered.

3) Logistics

Shifting on to blockchain technology allows having all documents on a shared distributed ledger. The technology enables having all separate communications of the logistics recorded immutably and accelerates customs clearance.

4) Medicine

Healthcare is commonly using blockchain regarding facilitating tracking capability in the supply chain of drugs and other treatments.

5) Video games

Blockchain technology and Smart-contracts make video gaming more transparent as players can view rules, payouts, scoreboards. This builds a stronger bond between developers and the players.

6) Art

Blockchain makes art a better investment: financialized art markets, decentralized artist collections with using of AI (Scarab Experiment), cartoons with the cute cats that can be sold, bought or bred with crypto, or just several donations.


7) Voting system

Provides transparent and accurate election results.